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The Workout

For us, treadmill running isn’t a consolation prize, but a sport in its own right. We’ve pioneered a first-of-its-kind method balancing speed, incline, duration, and recovery to make huge performance leaps. Every class is a unique run completely tailored to your level. Heads up, you’ll probably end up loving treadmill running. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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The Tread

We just ruined all other treadmills for you. Meet our sleek-as-hell treadmill, a proprietary Woodway created exclusively for us featuring stunning details like walnut handrails. Built to mimic the natural running experience and solve for all the annoying parts of interval running on a treadmill, we guarantee you've never stepped on a tread like this. Keep an eye out for our recovery button and smart keys. All you need to know now is they’re our secret for truly seamless interval transitions.

The Studio

Every element of the space is created to amplify your run. Oxygen-enriched air, lighting that ebbs and flows with your exertion, custom sound design to guide your run—the studio moves and breathes with you. Deepen your recovery with our Hyperice Cooldown Zone and Hyrdro Bar stocked with performance drinks.